About us

Located just north of Aiken, South Carolina,
One Ash Plantation was rejuvenated by our family
in 2003.
 The homestead was built in 1888 and through the years has seen cotton production as well as being the location of the local post office from 1904-1907. It was well known for its prized hogs in the mid 20th Century. 
The landmark 60 ft. high windmill is one of the only in the area
and is a true mark of local history.

Today, One Ash is the home to the Perez family- Roland, Lee Ann and Alexandrea.  We pride ourselves on the care and protection of not only the home and it’s land, but the breeding and care of many farm animals, including  dairy cows and goats, calves, chickens, pigeons and the
endangered Guinea Hogs, to name a few. 

We have over 23 years of experience in animal husbandry, and today enjoy fulfilling our vision of providing families with the products, knowledge and
support needed for multi-generational homesteading.

The Animals

The pride and joy of the farm are the Dairy Cows and Nubian Dairy Goats.

This year our goats Hannah & Charlotte were joined in the stanchions by Millie and Bella.  We look forward to adding Carmella to this group next year, as well as Millies daughter Maggie.
Our buck Ezekiel will provide years of young doelings and bucklings
to be sold from the farm. 

Our Jersey Juajita, and our Holstein Dixie, provide plenty of milk daily for our family consumption and for the calves that Alex bottle feeds. 
We regularly have these gentle, bottle-raised calves for sale from our farm.

Coming up behind Juajita and Dixie are Molly, our young jersey, and Willow, our young Holstein.  Both are currently learning the halter and the milking parlor
in preparation for their future in our dairy herd.

Please visit the Facebook group sponsored by One Ash Plantation-
Southeast Dairy Cattle Exchange.

We are looking forward to breeding our registered Great Pyrenees Skye. She is a true farm dog, and works diligently to protect and watch over the animals.  Please check back for available puppies.

If you are looking for chickens, we can supply you with
laying hens and roosters.
Please call for availability.

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If you would like to visit the farm or discuss purchase of any of our animals, products, or simply have questions regarding any Homesteading subject, please visit the "Contact Us" tab above and we will reply promptly!

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